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Focus your efforts in selling your products or services and leave the IT issues for us.


No matter what your concerns are, everTI advises, supports and delivers solutions adapted and customized for your company.
everTI offers solutions adapted to your needs.

web design

Website Development

everTI provides you a large range of website development services. We analyse your needs and wishes to create, adapt and customize your website with the most powerful tools in the market.

everTI delivers customized Content Management Systems, E-shops, Blogs, Portfolio & Product catalogs, Landing pages and more. We adapted your site for SEO & SEM.

80% of our developments are in WordPress, an easy  to use and flexible CMS that will help you manage your content fast and easy.

Besides everTI supports you with the management of your domains and hosting offering the best solutions for your website needs.

everti IT Consulting and Solutions - Social Media & Marketing

Automation, Workflows and Output Management

Output Management is a technology that provides the ability to capture, organize, format and distribute data and documents that are created by line of business applications and ERP systems.

everTI develops and designs the automation of the output and converting standard output automatically into more attractive, functional, and efficient electronic documents which can then be intelligently distributed over a variety of delivery channels including document management interfaces and reporting.

everTI uses mainly ObjectifLune (PlanetPress Suite, PlanetPress Connect Designer, PlanetPress Workflow), Canon COSMOS and Quadient Inspire software for workflows, automation and document output management.

everTI uses also the open source programming tool Node-RED to manage and customize workflows and automation processes.

Project and process management is the most important topic in IT projects.
everTI helps your company to manage your IT and web projects with an appropriate project management.



Daniel Corominas


In 2013 Daniel Corominas set up the company everTI – IT consulting and solutions in Thessaloniki.

Daniel Corominas was born in Barcelona, Spain. He went to the German School in Barcelona and studied in Karlsruhe, Computer Science. After his graduation he coursed an postgraduate in the UOC University, IT Technologies in corporate environments.

After several years working in different countries and companies around Europe always involved in IT consulting, projects and processes he decide to set up his own company. Some of these companies were: Central European Bank, Frankfurt; Everis, Barcelona; Porsche Informatik, Salzburg; Volkswagen IT, München.


everTI – IT Consulting and Solutions

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